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My Clients Say

"DeFi for the Diaspora is a great write up. I'm really enjoying it. The single most compelling part to me is the last chapter. Kamal hit the nail right on the head!"

- Fode D.

"DeFi for the Diaspora isn't just about making money, it's about how to build the world that should have always existed. Read this book. You will not regret it."

- Bryce W.

"This book takes its time to walk you through the various phases of the world's financial system - from barter to bitcoin. It was helpful to provide a solid background on the components and issues that have lead to where we are today. It also gives some insights into where we can potentially go with crypto. I recommend the book!"

-Ralph R.

"I have so much respect for how Kamal is able to explain things so simply in this book."

- Nicolas F.

"Defi for the Diaspora is for anyone in the diaspora looking to understand the history of monetary policy and impact on our people and the opportunities that lie ahead for this technology to level the playing field. Most importantly it caps of with a recommended action plan on how to pool our resources together to win as a collective."

- "Bithomie" Chris

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